Finals: Music

I explained our process at in a little more detail in a post here, but I wanted to show a handful of projects from my other classes. A quick rundown of what we did:

Step 1: Start with a theme. In this case, for my sophomores, juniors and seniors, it was something related to music.

Step 2: Spend a couple of days brainstorming and talking out ideas and possibilities.

Step 3: Create sketches, hash out our ideas.

Step 4: Moved on to create sketches with specificity.

Step 5: Get all materials prepped–paper, paint, palettes, pencils, pastels, photoshop programs, and whatever else may be needed.

Step 6: The pressure is on to come in and, within 95 minutes, create a meaningful artwork from beginning to end. This is our final.

And here are some of the results:

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