Artwork of the Week, 3/3

2014-03-04 09.38.02

Cassidy Vanderwest

Portrait, 16 x 20″, Charcoal

Yes, I am aware I am probably posting too many drawings. Yes, I am aware that most of these drawings are portraits. But really–click on this to make it full screen, and tell me it’s not fantastic. Cassie did some outstanding work.

Artwork of the Week, 12/2

2013-12-02 13.55.53Shara Yumul, Self-Portrait

16 x 22, Charcoal

Shara has never drawn with charcoal before (she’s a graphite girl), but it looks like she might be alright. We just talked over some basic techniques, how to develop light values and negative spaces, and she took it from there. Her AP Concentration is dealing with light and shadows, and this piece came from that idea. Very well executed, for sure.

Artwork of the Week, 11/4

2013-11-04 12.39.45


This is a charcoal drawing by Cassie that is about 3 feet tall. It was kind of a weird situation where she rushed the drawing and it didn’t quite look right. Proportions were off, and there weren’t a whole lot of available options to fix the issues. So, obviously, we cut it in half. So instead of a 6 foot tall portrait, we have two 3 foot tall drawings. It’s not ideal, but I think it’s a decent solution.

Artwork of the Week, 9/9

2013-09-11 11.09.59

We were drawing close-ups of our two lovely skeletons on 18 x 24″ paper with charcoal. Ashley started with the drawing on top (the hip continuing on down). After she finished, she took it on herself to add the knee joint on a second piece of paper, then the foot on a third.

So in the end, it’s an 18 x 72″ drawing. She’s touching it up with a little bit of white paint to give it more precision and contrast, and I think that’s the last touch it really needs. Love the huge scale of the work!