Artwork of the Week, 3/10

2014-01-29 11.02.57

Nate Duffy, Mating Season

9 x 14, Graphite


Artwork of the Week, 3/3

2014-03-04 09.38.02

Cassidy Vanderwest

Portrait, 16 x 20″, Charcoal

Yes, I am aware I am probably posting too many drawings. Yes, I am aware that most of these drawings are portraits. But really–click on this to make it full screen, and tell me it’s not fantastic. Cassie did some outstanding work.

Artwork of the Week, 2/3

2014-01-29 10.59.23

Shara Yumul

Flower in Glass, Graphite, 18 x 24″

This is Shara’s latest drawing for her AP portfolio concentration, which is focusing on the effects of shadow and light. I think she’s just showing off at this point :)

Artwork of the Week, 1/27

2014-01-31 08.31.59


Alex Cooper, Spiral

6 x 6 x 10″, Stoneware with Midfire Glaze

Slabs. Lots of them. Cut into squares, stacked, fired, and glazed. Not much more I can say about it–Alex did a good job conceptualizing and following through. It’s simple, but well-constructed and well-done.

Artwork of the Week, 12/16

2013-12-19 08.20.35Claire Gasparovich, Self-Portrait

12 x 24″, Oil on Canvas

Another expressive self-portrait! I love the brushstrokes and the texture in this painting, and the color palette Claire used is very effective–it’s cold and distant. I also like the fact that she freed herself a little bit from proper technique and let the facial features float around some. We’re not talking a De Kooning level of technique abandonment, but I think it’s an important lesson and it has proven to be successful here.


Artwork of the Week, 12/9

2013-12-05 15.58.09


Ashley Becker, Face on Fire

16 x 20″, Acrylic on Canvas

Ashley’s face is on fire in this painting (as you may have noticed from the title). I love the concept, and I love the thick texture of the paint. It’s a really nice surface treatment, and it looks even better in person.

Artwork of the Week, 12/2

2013-12-02 13.55.53Shara Yumul, Self-Portrait

16 x 22, Charcoal

Shara has never drawn with charcoal before (she’s a graphite girl), but it looks like she might be alright. We just talked over some basic techniques, how to develop light values and negative spaces, and she took it from there. Her AP Concentration is dealing with light and shadows, and this piece came from that idea. Very well executed, for sure.

Artwork of the Week, 11/25


I finally got around to firing and photographing the ceramics pieces we’ve had sitting around for a while. This piece was created by Alex Johnson. It was made with a slump mold to form the top and bottom of the base. The neck is wheel-thrown, and the handle is hand-built. It’s just under 12″ tall, and I love the glaze.

Artwork of the Week, 11/11

2013-10-29 14.48.42


Exacto knives and matboard make for quality portraits. Good work, Sam Walker.

Artwork of the Week, 11/4

2013-11-04 12.39.45


This is a charcoal drawing by Cassie that is about 3 feet tall. It was kind of a weird situation where she rushed the drawing and it didn’t quite look right. Proportions were off, and there weren’t a whole lot of available options to fix the issues. So, obviously, we cut it in half. So instead of a 6 foot tall portrait, we have two 3 foot tall drawings. It’s not ideal, but I think it’s a decent solution.