Artwork of the Week, 12/8


Taylor Billington

Self-Portrait, 16 x 20″, Graphite

We don’t always have good self-portraits with Drawing I, but when we do, they’re really, really good.

Artwork of the Week, 3/10

2014-01-29 11.02.57

Nate Duffy, Mating Season

9 x 14, Graphite

Artwork of the Week, 10/14

Megan Martin Paper Aflame 12 x 18", Graphite

Megan Martin
Paper Aflame
12 x 18″, Graphite

It’s tough to tell what this drawing is immediately, and that’s what I like about it. Bordering on abstract, yet realistic when you know what you’re seeing. The bottom part could be a little sharper, but it’s well-rendered with a great utilization of a range of values.


Artwork of the Week, 9/30

2013-09-26 13.39.54

Diana Marcum
10 x 15″, Graphite on Washington, D.C. Road Map

Yes, you just saw this project in our Map Portrait post. That’s okay, because it’s really good. Diana’s graphite drawing is incredibly simple, but incredibly successful.  One of our project experiments that went really well.

Artwork of the Week, 12/3


Shara Yumul


16 x 20″, Graphite