Cheeming Boey Cup Project, Part II

Last month, I posted about our Cheeming Boey cup project. I don’t know that there are any great finished products, but there are a number of good ones that my kids are proud of. Here are a few pictures of our finished products:

And, in case you’re interested, here’s one more Cheeming Boey video:



Artwork of the Week, 11/5


Jaidyn Dalzell

Help Your Post

18 x 24″, Marker on Paper, with loving touches of Blowtorch.

This looked like a piece that could have been better done as a graphic design project when it originated. ¬†After finishing adding color, we took it outside to burn a few holes and edges; Jaidyn said he wanted a “postapocalyptic” look. Mission accomplished, I think, and kudos to my student teacher Heather Wells for seeing this one through with him.