Artwork of the Week, 2/17

2014-02-12 10.52.09


Madeline Bishop


11 x 14″, Graphite

This is one that comes from our Smashing Faces project. I love how the nose and lips are pressed so hard against the glass, but the eyes still project this look of fear and wonderment. Madeline has been in art for less than a year, but she’s obviously doing some great stuff.


Art Show Flyers

We have our annual art show coming up this week, and of course, we need to advertise! We always make flyers featuring our graduating seniors or our other art superstars. I wanted to share a few of the images my kids and I came up with, and the captions that go with each of the pictures. These were my favorites of all that we did–they make you want to come to an art show, right?

Kenji will repeatedly smash his face against the window if you don’t come to the art show:


Rob will send a flying ninja kick to your face if you don’t come to the art show:



Sydney will jump for joy if you come to the art show!



And, of course, I would be remiss if I didn’t show my favorite, featuring Claire. Two notes about this one: First, the image comes from a Cindy Sherman project; it was a self-portrait that Claire created. Second, our principal didn’t so much like the idea of hanging the image all around school for whatever reason. That being said,

Don’t mess with Claire by not coming to the art show:



I suppose I understand why that shouldn’t be all over the building.


Smashing Faces, Part II



A few weeks ago, I posted about our Smashed Face Portraits project. The results have been pretty good–about 1/3 of the class is finished, and I’m pretty happy with the results. Shara’s Smashing Sarah drawing (pictured above) was an award winner at the last art show that we attended. I decided to post a few of the projects below. Hope you enjoy them!