Artwork of the Week, 12/8


Taylor Billington

Self-Portrait, 16 x 20″, Graphite

We don’t always have good self-portraits with Drawing I, but when we do, they’re really, really good.


Artwork of the Week, 12/16

2013-12-19 08.20.35Claire Gasparovich, Self-Portrait

12 x 24″, Oil on Canvas

Another expressive self-portrait! I love the brushstrokes and the texture in this painting, and the color palette Claire used is very effective–it’s cold and distant. I also like the fact that she freed herself a little bit from proper technique and let the facial features float around some. We’re not talking a De Kooning level of technique abandonment, but I think it’s an important lesson and it has proven to be successful here.


Artwork of the Week, 11/19


Nathan Duffy

Self-Portrait, 13 x 20″, really thick acrylic.

Photoshop: Image > Adjustments > Posterize (At least 7 values)

Grid transfer to enlarge the drawing

Separate, draw, and number different values (1=lightest, 12=darkest)

Paint with monochromatic acrylic

It’s a pretty simple lesson, geared toward a quality end product, and it has usually been very successful for my students.

Note: If you don’t have Photoshop, sign up for an account at  You can Edit > Sketch your images, and get a very similar effect that will still work.