My Classroom is Hitting a Lull

I’m not sure of the reason, but it seems like everything in my classroom has calmed and slowed. I don’t mind this, necessarily; there’s something to be said for not having to grade anything for a couple of weeks. We’re working, and working hard, but just not a lot of things have been getting finished recently.

Painting class has been working on layered, expressive portraits, then moving into depth, distance, and atmospheric perspective. Things are moving alright there–nothing spectacular, just a lot of good solid work and practice on techniques and theory.

My advanced drawing classes are working on our Chuck Close squares project.

2014-11-10 15.44.00

AP Studio Art has broken out the oil painting, or for a majority, pulled out all the old projects they didn’t finish on time so they can furiously chase after those :)

2014-11-10 15.44.38

Drawing I has a choice of 3 projects right now, and Intro is in the middle of working with clay. They’re building, and glazing, and building some more, so there’s not a lot getting all the way finished right now. We tried a new project–clay bobbleheads–which the kids really enjoyed, so that may be a keeper. I may post some pictures when they start to get finished.

So unfortunately, there’s not a lot to show right now, but I’ll go ahead and enjoy the peace and quiet.

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