Goals for the Upcoming Year

As you may have seen/heard, I’m now a writer for the Art of Education website. I’m really excited to have a drastically expanded audience (and getting paid isn’t too bad either). I will still be posting here regularly, however. I need to toss up the artworks of the week, try out some ideas, and every once in a while write 3,000 words on something fairly meaningless.

As we start out this year, check out my posts on AOE as they come up–leave some comments if you’d like–and keep checking back here. In the meantime, I thought it would be worthwhile to make a short list of what I want to accomplish/improve in my art room this year.


I need to do a better job of critiques, both formal and informal. Sometimes we will do them formally, sometimes informally, but both my students and I need to do them more often because students can learn so much from discussions about their work. Kids who aren’t very good can capitalize on the successes they have, and kids who are already successful can see the small things they need to do to take their work to the next level.

Art Olympics

This is a great activity that I’ve done with Art Club, and need to do again. We throw paintbrushes and palettes, we play shuffleboard with discarded ceramics, we run relay races in which each team smashes an unwanted sculpture, keeping score the entire time to determine the winner. It’s an incredible way to spend a Saturday. I will definitely post about this if it happens, because it’s always spectacular.

Try Some New Things!

Experiment a little more with our drawing. We’re too uptight about things, need to let loose with some of our attitudes and some of our drawings. We’re going to try some experimental techniques, some different media, and enjoy the process!

Get More Involved with NATA

NATA is the Nebraska Art Teachers Association, and I’ve taken on a small leadership role this year. I love everything it has to offer, and I want to take full advantage of the opportunities. I’m looking forward to the state conference in September, and I have a drawing that will be part of the Art Educators’ exhibition there. It should be a great time, and later in the year, I’m really hoping to host some art teacher get-togethers.


We’ll do some of this with teachers and classes close by, and some with teachers and classes far away. I’ve got plans for projects with other Omaha schools, and plans with other schools all over the country. Fingers crossed that they go well :)

I’ll post about all of these things as they happen this year, but I wanted to put them out there now so I have a little bit of accountability chasing after me. Best of luck to everyone as they start their year!

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  1. These are some great goals, Tim! We are also really excited to have you on the AOE team, I am confident you will help so many art teachers with your fabulous ideas!


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