Summer School, Week 1

This is my second year of teaching summer school at the high school level. I started last year with an idea of two classes in one: Studio time for my kids who will be taking AP Studio Art, giving them the chance to put in work on their portfolios, and more lesson-based work for incoming freshmen so they can get acclimated to the art program, my teaching, and my expectations.

We started out day one pretty simply, with just some observation drawing. From there, we spent almost 2 hours with a directed brainstorming activity. This allowed students to get an idea of possible subjects, concepts, and ideas they may use for the plethora of choice projects that they will create over the four weeks of the class. We then finished the day with some exquisite corpse drawings. A lot of my students had never done these, so it was a pretty good time:

From there, we started a new project that I presented about objects that are stacked (I’ll share it once we get finished), then began our choice projects. The clay work is always enjoyable, and we have a couple of decent projects going:

And lastly, I need to show Janie’s self-portrait, because it turned out incredibly well:

2014-06-10 11.29.48

So that’s our first week. I’m looking forward to seeing what we have coming with our choice projects in the next couple of weeks!

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