Romance Novels

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“Bruce never expected to find someone to love. Robin was his only friend and well, he just wasn’t his type. Yet one day, the unexpected happened. When Bruce met Peter, they clicked automatically. It was something more than just heroic companionship. Alas, they were from different universes; it was not meant to be. Will Bruce be able to bridge the gap that separates their world, or will the DC Universe hold him back? What will happen when the masks are taken off?”

We did this WAY back at the beginning of the semester, but I haven’t posted about it until now; I figured it would be a great end-of-the-year activity if you need to fill a couple days.

The idea: Students work in groups to place popular characters on romance novel covers. They create a title for the book, draw the cover, and write a synopsis that describes the plot.

I came up with a list of about 60 characters–if you want a copy, just let me know–ranging from superheroes (think Spiderman, Batman, Superman) to cartoon characters (Snoopy and Charlie Brown) to TV characters (The Simpson, Family Guy) and Disney characters (Princesses, The Beast from Beauty and the Beast, Prince Charming). Each group drew 3 names at random–they could choose 2 of the 3 for characters, or all 3 if they wanted to create a love triangle. They then needed to figure out the plot and take it from there. One day for planning, one day for drawing/coloring/writing. It could be a lot of fun on Photoshop as well.

Quick note: I do groups of “two-ish” when we divide up. Don’t remember where I got the idea, but it works well. Most groups will have two, some will have 3 if they don’t want to exclude someone, and people can work alone if they don’t like groups or are just anti-social :)

My other favorite was this one, with Shaggy and Aquaman:

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 ” A group of kids take up the investigation of a strange and surreal mystery that has frightened children all along the coast. One of the group members, Shaggy, becomes separated from the gang, only to run into this mysterious man. It’s love at first sight, and this starts Shaggy’s epic love ride as the mystery man whisks him away. As their venture ensues, his love becomes known as Aquaman, a man with powers only useful in the sea. Will true love hold through their transatlantic journey, or will problems manifest to take away their mutual feeling of oneness?”

Great stuff. Here are a few final covers:

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