Spreading Positivity

20140502_082942 I guess the best description of this would be a guerilla art project, but however you might describe it, our goal today was to spread positivity throughout our school. The original idea came from Sam (you may remember him from his Gummy Bear freak-out earlier this year), who had spent some time writing various positive messages on sticky notes. 20140502_073414 We decided to take that idea and run with it. Everyone in class who wanted to participate was given a pad of sticky notes that they filled with positive messages. Some were quotes, some were compliments, and some were inspiration messages. We even had a few pick-up lines–we kept the funny ones and had to get rid of the inappropriate ones.

Lastly, I ordered some business cards that complimented people on their appearance and then asked them to pass it along to someone else attractive that they ran into that day. 20140502_073634 All in all, we had 500 cards and close to 2,000 sticky notes. At the end of first period, we covered the school with messages on lockers, doors, walls and windows, and started to pass out the cards. A few teachers took a few notes down, and the custodians weren’t really happy with us, but overall the messages were very well-received. Screenshot 2014-05-02 13.09.47 Screenshot 2014-05-02 13.10.10 Screenshot 2014-05-02 13.12.33 Screenshot 2014-05-02 13.15.05   A lot of students have been keeping the notes for themselves, and we’ll see how far those cards go from here. Call it performance art, call it guerilla art, call it sticky note graffiti, but in any case I think we can say this project was a success.

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  1. I love this idea. I think this is needed not only in schools, but in the workplace as well.

  2. Angi

     /  July 3, 2014

    Hello! I love the idea of passing out those business cards! Can you tell me where I can order them? I have searched the web and could not find anything!

    • Hey Angi! I honestly just ordered my cards on Vistaprint. I’ve also used 123print in the past, they both do things for really cheap. It only took me about 20 minutes to design them, and they shipped within about a week for less than ten dollars. Totally worth it.


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