2014 Kiwanis Art Show

Every year, during the last weekend in April, we participate in a citywide art show sponsored by our local Kiwanis club. It’s great for a few reasons:

  • Every student can enter, whether they’re enrolled in art classes or not, and it’s limited to 2 pieces per student. Very democratic.
  • It involves all 4 high schools in the city limits.
  • Judging is done by grade level, so 9th graders are competing against other 9th graders–not seniors who have been in art for 4 years.
  • The Kiwanis club does a great job with sponsorships, and they’re able to hand out a pretty significant amount of money; this is a HUGE incentive in getting kids to participate.

We had another great show this year, and I thought I would post a few pictures and some random thoughts–and sorry in advance for the terrible pictures because, you know, they were taken at an art show.


This was our Best in Show Runner-Up, a 24 x 40″ portrait by Cassidy Vanderwest. It drew a lot of attention at the show, and for good reason. It really stood no chance at the Best in Show award, though, because that work looked like this:


That belonged to Angela, a student from our rival school, Bellevue West. She did some incredible work all year, and it was great to see what kind of stuff she was going to come up with. Her second piece in the show was the 1st place winner for 12th grade:


Obviously some good stuff. I actually tried to convince her to come to East during her sophomore year, because I knew she was going to be something special, but it of course didn’t work out. My recruiting skills could obviously use some work, but I feel like I have a pretty good eye for talent :)

Shara, who you’ve seen a ton of work from already if you read this regularly, took the Bellevue Artists Association Spirit Award, the third big award that goes to the top “emerging artist”. She also won an honorable mention for her charcoal hand drawing.

We had a few other cool things at the show. Two of my favorites were Christian’s markered skateboard deck, and Amelia’s 5-foot tall newspaper sculpture. I was also really proud of Jordan for working so hard to finish her colored pencil drawing.

The last big thing of note was our display of shoes. We both did the VANS Custom Culture contest, and we displayed all 8 pairs of shoes on a single table. Bellevue West actually made it into the semifinals (in the Northwest region), and you can vote for them here if you feel so inclined.


Even though we didn’t win Best in Show, we did take the most awards overall. Again, if you read this blog regularly, you know I don’t really care that much about awards as a teacher, but I do LOVE seeing my kids recognized for their hard work. I’ll leave you with a few other shots of the work at the show:

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