VANS Custom Culture Contest

For the first time this year, Bellevue East is participating in the VANS Custom Culture Contest. For those of you that are unfamiliar, it is a nationwide contest in which students design and paint on shoes. You can check out the website for this contest here.

The themes (one theme per pair of shoes) were as follows: Local Flavor, Sports, Music, and Art. I had students work in groups from beginning to end

Our Local Flavor pair tried to capture the urban/rural split we have in Omaha–we have corn on one shoe, then the Omaha skyline, zoo, and College World Series featured on the other.


For Sports, the rule was nothing featuring balls and sticks–instead, go for bikes and boards. We chose snowboarding (shout out to Slu when you’re reading this!), looking at a landscape/distance view where the snowboarder was a small part of the scene.


As for Art, we decided to focus on a religious aspect, picturing the dichotomy of Vishnu and Shiva. One shoe with creation, showing life, flowers blooming, etc. wrapping around the back of the shoe. The other featured destruction with pictures of natural disasters wrapping around the back.



Finally, for music, there was a Rock v. Classical theme. One shoe featured an electric guitar, microphone, drums, and angular designs with cool colors. The second shoe had a cello, music stand, sheet music, warmer colors, and free-flowing designs. It was a good mix.


And finally, here are the four pairs together. We’ll be waiting next week to see if we are one of the 10 finalists for our region. I’ll let you know in the off-chance we actually make it :)


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