Alumni Check-In

The Bellevue East Art Room Alumni have had a pretty good couple of weeks. Since I know you don’t care about this NEARLY as much as I do, I’ll make the rundown quick.

Josef Lang won a huge award–he was named best in show at the Monsters of Design contest in Kansas City.


Regular readers may remember his Copenhagen Chair; it’s now on it’s 5th incarnation, and he’s getting close to mass production because there is such interest. You can read an article about him (and the contest) here.


Brandon Vinson, our 2007 2D Artist of the Year, was named the United States Navy’s Outstanding Graphic Artist for 2013.


Annie Mullins, awesome artist, singer/songwriter, and all-around incredible person, released her third album. I haven’t heard it yet, but I can’t wait to get my hands (and ears) on it.


And last but not least, Ashley Touchton just put up a great installation at the University of Nebraska-Omaha’s Hexagon Gallery. She is studying there as an undergraduate and doing some really great work. Here are a couple of cool pics:

Thanks for indulging me as I put up pictures and work from kids you probably don’t know :) I’m proud of my students, and it’s always a good feeling to see them continue to be successful.

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  1. Very cool… As teachers we often hope to make an impact on our students. You know that you have impacted these students and changed their life course with your passion and compassion. Thank you for sharing!

  2. love it!!!


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