Enjoyment . . .

This won’t be enough to qualify as a post, but just a thought that occurred to me yesterday:

When teaching, I am at my happiest when working with my students on the minutiae of drawing technique. I spent about 7 or 8 minutes with one student figuring out the best way to draw incredibly fine details on her portrait of her cat. Then, one class period later, I spent probably 10 minutes with another student hammering out the EXACT placement of EVERY SINGLE DETAIL of an eye that was part of a huge portrait. The other students at the table thought we were ridiculous for getting that in-depth, but I love when students are passionate enough to put the work in and make everything in the drawing incredible.

Teaching kids how to draw is what I do best, and there’s nothing better than having a student so invested that they are wiling to spend the time to make those drawings as good as they possibly can. That’s what makes me enjoy being in my classroom.

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