Painting Class Today . . .

So, the concept of layering paint didn’t exactly sit well with Sam. He was struggling with his gummy bear painting for a while, and wasn’t real receptive to my efforts to help him fix it. Then this happened on Twitter:

Bogatz makes fun of me cuz I’m having trouble painting a green gummy bear

Samuel Walker ‏@sammywalker5239m

He says its a gummy bear just paint it green how hard could it be?

Samuel Walker ‏@sammywalker5238m

Painting makes me want to rage quit

Samuel Walker ‏@sammywalker5236m

And id do it too if I was 100 percent sure that paint wouldn’t get on my shoes or pants

Samuel Walker ‏@sammywalker5233m

Steps to rage quit painting: 1. Aggressively smear the paint currently on the brush all over what your painting

Samuel Walker ‏@sammywalker5230m

2. Take your painting into your hands and begin shredding it into a dozen pieces

Bonus points if you scream profanity while doing it

Samuel Walker ‏@sammywalker5229m

More bonus points if you used your mouth at any point to help aid the ripping

3. Take the now torn up painting and carelessly toss it into the air to achieve a fluttering confetti effect

Samuel Walker ‏@sammywalker5223m

4. Throw all the paint you were using at the wall as to create a large splattery mess

Samuel Walker ‏@sammywalker5222m

5. Now do the same with the paint brushes and water

Samuel Walker ‏@sammywalker5220m

You get even more bonus point if there was a person standing against the wall and there is now a really cool looking blank spot where they were

Samuel Walker ‏@sammywalker5215m

6. Rage flip the table/ easel you’re working at try doing so as loudly as possible I find it adds a more dramatic effect to yell as you do it

7. Now throw the chair you’re using if you were using one as far across the room as you can again being as noisy and aggressive as possible

Samuel Walker ‏@sammywalker528m

8. Throw a tantrum one in which you jump up and down slamming your feet upon the ground screaming profane words at the top of your lungs

9. Storm out out of the room stomping and yelling with your fists balled and your face reddened

10. Casually strut into the room and question any person about what went down as if you are completely oblivious to what has just transpired

11. Scream “Art” as you present the mess with your arms acting as if the situation was part of your creative process in making a masterpiece

12. Win prestigious art awards for a one of a kind work of art

Bonus points if you capture the whole going ons on camera and upload it to YouTube to later go viral become famous and get on Rediculousness


It was a lot of fun to watch that unfold on my timeline over the end of painting class and throughout study hall. And, in case you’re curious, here’s the painting in question that brought all this on:

2014-01-30 15.21.58

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  1. That is really great! Talking about art is never a bad thing, right? :)

  2. I am impressed with all the steps. He put a lot of thought into that. He could work that into a project…

  3. I would almost say that when his work is (or if his work is) finished that this should be displayed along with it – it’s part of the artwork now, for sure! Very creative – send him kudos!

  1. Spreading Positivity | eastartroom

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