Visual Arts Day Running Diary, Part 1

We decided to make a two hour trip south to Jefferson City, Missouri for Visual Arts Day at Missouri Western. Having never been there, we really had no idea what to expect. The following is my running diary for the day.

4:00–Alarm goes off. Ugh. WAAAYYYY too early for this.

2013-10-09 21.42.46

4:36–I finish packing my kids’ lunches. I’m too tired to remember exactly, but I may have only sent a Snickers bar and some fruit snacks for my 3-year old.

5:17–I’m not sure what I was expecting at the convenience store when I stop for my soda, but I definitely wasn’t ready to be the 9th person in line. How are so many people up this early? It’s a collection of firefighters, construction workers, and people still awake from last night.

5:42–Arrive at school, and somehow Kayla is already here waiting for me. Overachiever.

5:57–Nate shows up with McDonald’s breakfast. Smart man.

6:03–Everyone is here, and we are on the road. 3 minutes late is not too bad.

6:09–In my experience, kids are excited for at least a little bit the morning of the field trip; we’ve usually got a loud van for at least 30 minutes. Today we’re silent within 4 minutes, and half of them are asleep within 6. Not sure if we’re all business today or just kinda lazy. We’ll find out later, I suppose.

6:37–This isn’t a news flash to anyone, but morning radio is TERRIBLE. Can’t find anything to listen to once I’m out of range of Omaha’s classical station. To top it off, Ashley is asleep in the passenger seat and can’t change stations. Thanks a lot, Ashley. I eventually decide to ride in silence because that’s less annoying.

6:56–We’ve been in three states already, and the sun isn’t even up. I feel oddly accomplished.

7:21–Nate wakes up, looks around, and without saying a word begins eating his second breakfast sandwich.

7:23–Nate has finished his sandwich and is already back asleep. That was incredible. 90 seconds, tops.

7:58–As we get close, we’re still debating what the choice will be for our mural. We were thinking Dali’s Persistence of Memory, but we decided to go with something a little darker. Goya it is. It’ll be great to see this enlarged to 8′ x 9′ on the sidewalk, right?

Goya Saturn Devouring His Son

Saturn Devouring His Son

8:11–Arrival! Drive wasn’t too bad, and it’s nice to get out of our car. Time to register and start hanging our work. The process would probably go quicker if there weren’t literally 1,000 people here. This is the biggest art competition I’ve ever seen.

8:26–We’re going for the “Hang Your Work Next to Other People’s Terrible Work So Yours Looks Better by Comparison” strategy. Always a solid choice when they let you hang things yourself. I’m pretty happy with the work we’ve brought along–we’re representing our school well.

8:37–Alex has disappeared already. She found the ceramics workshop, and little do I know, she won’t leave again until we force her to go to lunch.

2013-10-10 09.28.23

8:44–After everyone’s work is displayed, it’s time to find the workshops we want to hit up. A few go to do some photography work, a couple check out drawing, and Kayla and Ashley sneak out to start work on the Goya mural.

2013-10-10 09.46.03

8:48–I decide to check in on the painting workshop. I think about 800 of the 1,000 students are participating at once. Yikes.

2013-10-10 09.23.38

8:51–After seeing everyone in their place, I decide to head out to help with the mural a little bit. It’s a good day for drawing outside, and Kayla and Ashley are using charcoal normally used in smokers and grills for the black values. Should be fun. The white chalk is actually normal white chalk.

9:20–I decide to head back in to see what’s happening after drawing for a bit. While I’m inside, Kayla gets interviewed by the St. Joseph’s news station; apparently it’s a big deal that we came all the way down from Omaha. I have to find out about it via Twitter.

Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 1.45.19 PM

9:41–Apparently waiting around for photographs to develop is boring, so Nate has come out to help with the mural. It’s coming along pretty well.

2013-10-10 10.54.24-1

9:46–Alex is in the lead right now in the ceramics “3 for 3” competition. You have 3 minutes to throw 3 pounds of clay into the tallest, widest vessel possible. I’m impressed, but not sure how long she can hold on.

9:49–Time to start getting ready for the Art History Quiz. Brooke is pretty confident she can win it singlehandedly (and I don’t doubt her at all), but we need a team of 3. Shara is good to go, and we have to talk Claire into it, but she is game eventually. I feel good about our chances.

10:00–Art History Quiz time. Let’s do this!

NEXT TIME: Quiz Time! Lunch! Finished Murals! Me Failing on the Wheel! Other Stuff!

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  1. Heather

     /  October 15, 2013

    Sounds like an amazing time!


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