Ekphrastic Poetry and Vincent van Gogh

This comes to us from a former student of mine, Ashley, who is a creative writing major. It is an ekphrastic poem about the newly discovered painting from Vincent van Gogh entitled Sunset at Montmajour. If you are not familiar with the story, here’s a rundown.

“Sunset at Montmajour”



History repeats itself,

At least

It seems to.

The last full size Gogh



But is it real?

It’s not signed.

But he writes about it.

He wrote about it.

Just as my words fill the page

And tickle your brain

His brush strokes stroke

Our imagination.


A city in the distance.

Blue, like time travel

Is it holy?

Clouds captivate the heavens

And leaves describe

A tale enjoyed


By a body and the season.

A tale seen only through the eyes

Of a painter.




Questionable sanity

Irrevocable genius.


Can you hear

My ear

I seem to have lost it.

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